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It is common knowledge that short-term rentals can deliver significantly higher profits than long term rentals. Our dedicated professional team will work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure the maximum return from your property.

Some Reasons to Join Us

• Extensive expertise in the short-term rental sector
• Our Select plan offers total property management
• Our superb marketing, sales and customer service teams
• Exclusive brand partnerships and Owner perks
• Direct communication with your property manager

How it all works

We market your property with professional photos and a detailed description. Once your propery is ready we manage the entire process: from sales negotiations to multi-calendar management and payment processing. Then you can sit down and reap the benefits: we send your funds via wire-transfer straight into your bank account.


Property Owner QP1, Alan Dickinson - USA
I've owned my property in Buenos Aires since 2005 and I've worked with several management companies over the last several years. Living in the United States as a remote owner of a property here presents some unique challenges. It's key to find a firm which can not only provide your guests with a great travel experience, but also takes great care to protect your property and investment. Simple put, BACityApartments has exceeded my expectations. Mark has assembled an outstanding team and has managed to excel both from the guest/owner perspective. It's the attention to detail which is key - - keeping on top of potential issues before they become communicating - - and doing so with complete transparency. I've been delighted with my decision to move to BACityApartments and look forward to working with Mark and the team. - Alan Dickinson

Property Owner AL5
We have owned our apartment in Buenos Aires for over ten years. At first, we reserved the apartment for our own use, but once the children came along, we found ourselves visiting less and less. Costs continued to escalate, and we decided to rent the property on a permanent basis. This proved less than satisfactory as the apartment slowly degraded, tenants came and went, and it was all difficult to manage from overseas. We discovered BACityApartments when we came to Buenos Aires and rented another apartment ourselves. After discussions with Mark, we decided to put our apartment in the vacation rental pool. Mark organised the renovation of the apartment, which came in on budget, and gave the apartment a refreshing new look. Bookings since have been very consistent, and instead of costing us money, the apartment is now providing us with a positive return. From our experience renting an apartment ourselves, we know that the BACityApartments team is efficient and responsive – and best of all for us, the whole process is now hassle free.

Property Owner QP6, Howard & Amanda Mintz - USA

My wife and I signed a contract to purchase an apartment in Palermo Soho, without ever having seen the apartment in person or, for that matter, ever having been to Argentina. The apartment was in need of major remodeling. Mark Mills was introduced to us as someone who is impeccably honest and would do an excellent job of managing and maintaining our property, while obtaining the highest revenue flow possible for both parties.

The description of Mark turned out to be spot on. He put us in touch with a decorator who did a fantastic job, at a reasonable price, and he facilitated numerous aspects of getting the apartment up and running, including transferring funds, getting insurance and dealing with the building management company. Most importantly, from the perspective of most owners, he has quickly loaded the unit with multiple tenants. Within the first four weeks of the unit being available for rental, there were three months of bookings in place. His staff has been very responsive to our emails, and, in one particular case, went out of the way to make sure our unit was not ill treated or damaged by a tenant. In a distant location, where things do not work the same way as we are used to in the States, honesty is a very valuable commodity.

Property Owner PT2, PT3, PT4, PT7, Barry Plotkin - USA

I am taking time to write this testimonial on behalf of Mark Mills and his entire team at As a property owner of 4 different properties for the past 8 years it is such a pleasure to work with his entire team. Since taking over my portfolio of apartments, Mark has been able to get my apartments back to a 5 star quality in a very short amount of time. He referred me to a great architectural firm that did a great job, stayed within budget and finished on a timely basis. Doing business in Argentina can be challenging at times and many issues can come up at any point so to have someone like Mark who gets back with you right away to resolve or answer any questions is very comforting. Since Mark and his team have taken over my properties they are not only being handled with great care, but also my bookings are up dramatically. If you are fortunate enough to have Mark and his team manage your apartment you should feel very fortunate as it simply has been the best experience I have had over my entire time owning in BA.

Barry Plotkin
West Palm Beach Florida, USA

Property Owner RC3, Maria J - USA

Buenos Aires is arguably one of the most vibrant cities there are. Aside from the famously good food and eye-catching sites, the magnetic and friendly people make it a de rigueur destination for those traveling to Latin America. Known as the Paris of South America, I am lucky enough to call Buenos Aires my home city, however I am living abroad at the moment.

I had a poor experience with previous management companies (late payment of fees, improper housekeeping, questionable staff, etc) and saw myself forced to face the idea that perhaps it was best to sell the flat rather than put up with the long distance headache. At that moment, I was fortunate enough to meet Mark, who came highly recommended by someone I trust.

Mark is diligent, efficient, and pays attention to every detail. He is full of noteworthy suggestions and has a contagious enthusiasm for his business. His casual and friendly manner make it easy to think of him more as a friend than a manager. Thanks to Mark, I can now relax knowing the flat is in good hands. I highly recommend for all of your housing and management services in Buenos Aires.

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